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Bebe Cool in Kigali amidst Rwanda-Uganda tension         

There might be tension between Uganda and Rwanda but that can’t stop Ugandans from entering Rwanda especially when they on national duty.

One of those brave Ugandans in Rwanda currently is Bebe Cool. The singer is in Kagame land representing the country on matters to do with health.

He yesterday interacted with over 400 youth from 25 countries all over Africa at the launch of the Youth for Universal Health Coverage Conference at the Kigali Convention Centre.

“These young people have been deliberating for days with an aim of finding solutions to health care access for all youth in Africa. I am happy that for the first time, African youth have been given an opportunity to identify their own challenges and to also participate in finding practical solutions through their talents, connections and passion,” said the musician immediately after the conference.

He also added that with the theme “Nothing about us, without us”, the youths asked to be included in decision making processes that impact their livelihood.

“I challenged them to question their motives for demanding a sit on the table of Men. Are they coming with practical solutions or joining with an attitude of entitlement? I advised them to desist from making impractical demands but to concentrate on identifying challenges and suggesting realistic solutions.”

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