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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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‘Your music is like popcorn’- A Pass hits back at Ykee Benda

A photo montage of Ykee Benda and A Pass. COURTESY PHOTOS

A Pass is one artist you cannot dare provoke because he will put you in your place regardless of who you are. I mean he has done it with Geosteady and Bebe Cool among others, but Ykee Brenda still dared.

Perhaps because he wanted his undivided attention or because he was telling the truth. Anyway, Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore!

A few days ago, Ykee Benda bragged about how he’s a better musician than A Pass and how the latter has in the last two years had only one hit- Dididadada. However, A Pass has come out in the most humble way possible to hit back at Ykee.

Considering the fact that Ykee has a concert later this month, A Pass said Ykee could be using that as a marketing tactic, by seeking attention.

“Benda, if you surely believe you are better than me, I also believe Uganda is in America.

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I personally don’t want to be better than you because I am different from you and if the time came to compare I think me being better would be natural selection. Meaning I would not waste time to debate,” he said in a post.

But in a more sarcastic manner, A Pass said Ykee’s songs are like popcorn.

“I appreciate you as an artist and your art, I can’t do what you do because you are special the way you are, I can’t sing songs like Eva, Super maana and Nze nimiro gwe Farmer because my brain has not matured yet to understand popcorn music.”

He further went on an praised him for going to coke studio, going to the world cup finals to sing and represent Uganda which he did very well and made Uganda proud and also having won International awards such as Afrima and soon set to win the kunde Award.

The two artists keep poking each other on social media. However, they had taken some time off, since their last fight that happened last year, after Fik Fameica’s flopped concert.

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