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Trouble in paradise? Sheilah Gashumba’s boyfriend apologises with expensive gifts

Sheilah Gashumba and her boyfriend Marcus alias God’s Plan are continuing to give us relationship goals as online in-laws go green with envy.

The latest being a cute video shared on social media by the love-smitten Sheilah. The media personality shared that Marcus sneaked out of the house on Sunday night without informing her.

“Awww!! My boyfriend went out last night without letting me know and he knew that was trouble for him!! His apology is soo thoughtful. He is definitely forgiven. It’s the respect that matters not the money,” she captioned the video.

No man spoils a woman more than one caught in the wrong. And Marcus was pulling all stops to show he was sorry when she smoked him out. He went shopping for a cake, chocolate, flowers and an apology card.

The card read, “My love, I regret the pain and heart I am making you go through…I wish I could undo what happened…but that’s not possible, I want you to know that I am truly sorry.” Cute right?

But unlike Sheilah, social media in laws were not taking the bribe with some pointing out that Marcus has begun to stray and covering it up with expensive gifts.

@Joebogonko said, “That’s overkill. He definitely slept with someone sweetheart,” and @omaldenis said, “Hehe, he is already training you to get ready for such, as in going out without letting you know.”

@wariajeuri wasn’t trying to be nice when she said, “He cheating sis and that’s on that.”

But those are their views? What do you think is happening?

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