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South Sudanese revelers rain money on Vinka, Balaam says it’s not more than Shs250,000

Singer Veronica Lugya popularly known as Vinka. Courtesy photo

Swangz Avenue singer Veronica Lugya popularly known as Vinka, was over the weekend in South Sudan’s capital, Juba for a musical show.

After her performance, Vinka went back to her hotel room from where she posted a photo of her lying on the bed full of South Sudan pounds.

She captioned the photo: “They made it rain on me. It’s not the amount that matters but the love from my Juba fans. #soldout — in Juba, Sudan.”

As many of her fans commented on her post congratulating her for the successful show, others said despite seeing lots of notes, the amount isn’t much considering the value of South Sudanese currency.

Balaam Barugahare, a renowned events organiser commented saying: “Maximum in UGX is 235,000. 1 dollar is equivalent to 260 ssp /South Sudan pounds. Never the less her fans expressed love the economy is bleeding, the standard of living in Juba is too high.”

But Vinka could not let Balaam’s comment go unresponded to, and she replied saying her only concern was the love she was shown in South Sudan but not the money.

“It’s not the amount… it’s the love that am very grateful for.”

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