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Powerlifter Mubiru thanks Gitawo for helping him meet Museveni

Roy Mubiru meets President Museveni

Roy Mubiru has raised the Ugandan flag in different countries by winning different medals when it comes to lifting weights. Mubiru who returned to Uganda recently will be competing in the World Powerlifting competition that will take place in Ukraine next month.

A few years ago, Socialite and Tycoon Cameron Gitawo pledged to support Mubiru’s powerlifting career financially and since then, he has been moving on well, winning titles in different competitions.

Last week, the muscled Mubiru met with the President of Uganda in Kiboga District during the mindset change workshop. At the workshop, Mubiru dedicated his gold medal to President Museveni and in return, he was given $8,000 approximately Shs30 million to help him in the competition in Ukraine.

Mr Cameron Gitawo with Roy Mubiru

During an interview with a local TV, Mubiru said one of his dreams was to meet the President of Uganda and he only achieved that because he is friends with Cameron Gitawo.

“If I had not met Gitawo to invest in my career, I wouldn’t have come this far. Meeting the President doesn’t come lightly because if I wasn’t a champion, I wouldn’t have met the President but all thanks to Gitawo.

According to Gitawo, he is a great fan of Powerlifting and he had to come in and support Mubiru who he saw potential in when it came to promoting the sport in Uganda and promoting the country internationally.

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