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Four One One

Kyaligonza-like habits need to stop

1. A video grab shows escrts of Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza (2nd right) roughing up Sgt Esther Namaganda in Seeta, Mukono District on February 24, 2019. 2. An unidentified male police officer appears to intervene and restrain one of the soldiers from roughing up Sgt Namaganda. 3. The police officer appears to draw the soldier away from grabbing the female officer. Inset is Maj Gen Kyaligonza

Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza has been the man of the week, for all the wrong reasons. Just got me thinking about how much impunity can happen before our eyes. Simple things such as respect continue to become a problem for us.

We all have jobs to do in one way or another. Respect that. There is a tendency for people in uniform to break all traffic rules known to man because well, they are soldiers.

They like to swing by in their army green rides and intimidate every human and pigeon on the road. I never understand this entitlement. I respect you, respect me, us.

I have never heard of anyone who died because they delayed in a traffic jam. To think that an entire area owes you right of way because you are supposedly in high places is wrong.

Isn’t this right of way abused by people? Who is entitled to this treatment, anyway? I never understand why these so-called VIPs act irresponsibly. Like really? We see you climbing pavements and you cannot imagine the disgust.

Well, the incident of Kyaligonza’s bodyguards insulting and heckling the traffic officer, who was simply doing her job, really irked me. While I do not say this often, I really respect traffic officers for the work they do. I feel they do not get credit enough.

To withstand that hot kasana for so many hours, direct and keep traffic in check is no mean feat. Obviously, not all of them make life easier, but you cannot ignore how hard they work.

Okay, we can ignore the few bad apples who make it a hell-hole on the roads but generally, they are not too shabby. Poor woman only had one job to do but then maliciously got sabotaged by an egoistic General.

Mr man, Mr ‘I brought you peace that you enjoy’, cool your temper. And then we have the bodyguards who want to show they are hard at work. Oh my word! So you swing swords now because someone ruined your rush hour plans? I really hope the traffic lady can get a fair hearing for how she was treated.

Guys, let’s not allow our egos to get in the way of reason. This is a long shot considering people start earning a little extra money, get fancy titles and want to use our heads as mats.

We get that some of you have been brought up in homes so devoid of love and respect that you live your lives without concern. Just remember that all that can be stripped away in a second.

The simple lady or gentleman you despise at the bottom might be your only hope on your way down. Let us be respectful of people’s time and jobs. Remind yourself that they search for an honest living just like you… if you do.

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