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Jackie Chandiru collapses at Mubs anti-drug use campaign

Jackie Chandiru (In white blouse) at the Makerere University Business School where she was supposed to deliver a speech about drug addiction at the launch of the anti drug use campaign

Singer Jackie Chandiru an artiste who recovered from drug addiction was scheduled to speak to students of Makerere University Business School (MUBS) today, as the institution launched an Anti-Drug Use campaign.

However, she did not make it to the pulpit, as she collapsed a few minutes after her arrival.

The singer who was meant to narrate her story from the time she started using drugs and her journey to recovery, collapsed shortly after taking her seat at the high table.

In an interview on KFM on January 7, Chandiru told the public that her troubles stemmed from the abuse of a prescription painkiller Pethidine, which was used to treat a back problem.

Later on PressBox, a sports programme on NTV, Chandiru talked about her struggle, how she has been able to get off the addiction and how she is using her experience to educate others.

We wish her a quick recovery.

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