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I am sorry for putting on torn undies on stage – Pia Pounds

Singer Tracy Kirabo alias Pia Pounds has apologized to her fans after performing on stage with torn undies.

The ‘Tubawe’ hit maker was recently performing on a certain show in Kampala where she unknowingly let revelers see beyond what their eyes were supposed to see.

As she entertained her fans Pia Pounds kept on scot-standing in front of the audience with her legs wide open as she wriggled to make her fans happy.

In an interview with Live Wire Pia Pounds says she could see the audience all laughing out loud, but thought they were enjoying her performance only to be told by a friend moments that they were laughing at her underwear.

“I was dancing on stage and never thought something was wrong with my undies. I like showing my thighs but I don’t want to show past that. I want to apologies for my torn outfit. It made me shy, but it’s always good to own your mistakes,” Pia Pounds said.

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