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Former Gagamel musician Denzo arrested

Just this week, three Ugandan musicians have been arrested over different issues, the latest being former Gagamel singer Denzo. He was arrested yesterday and going by the clip we saw, it looks like he was idle and disorderly.

Denzo, whose real name is Douglas Sekamatte was seen making a few phone calls to anonymous people who he thought would save him from the coolers but his efforts were in vain.

Denzo is best known for his song “Big Mouth by Far” which was a mega hit that brought him to stardom. In this song, he was hitting back at Bobi Wine during the time he was still under Gagamel.

Besides ‘Big mouth by far’, the 34-year-old released other tracks like Bad Mind, Ready Fi De Dancehall, Shole, Virginity Kwanini and Sweet Banana, among others.

He quit Gagamel in 2014 and formed his own label called Spk Hill Music management, forming a crew known as: Am Ok Government.

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