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Bobi Wine, Francis Zaake record Fiscal policy song

A photo montage of Francis Zaake and Bobi Wine

After he was served with cocktails of critical public opinions on his understanding of the management of public revenue, following his vague response to the question on Fiscal policy on NTV on the spot, Bobi Wine, a presidential hopeful has hit the studio to record a song explaining the matter.

Featuring Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake, Nubian Lee and Sir Dan Magic, the song is aimed at breaking down the concept of Fiscal policy to the common man.

Talk of making lemonade out of lemons!

In the song, he says, “If I ever had the opportunity to change the way that my people live, I would abolish all the oppressive taxes that the oppressive taxes, and that would be my fiscal policy.”

“I wonder why poverty is so high, the cost of living everywhere is so high. I would reduce the prices and raise the salaries, and that would be my fiscal policy.”

Bobi Wine released snippets of the song on Instagram this morning, after spending the night in the studio.

Bobi Wine came under fire from Ugandans on social media who said he had a dismal show when he appeared on NTV’s political talk show – On the Spot hosted by Patrick Kamara.

Particularly, Bobi Wine was tasked to explain what fiscal tools he would use to curb inflation when he becomes Uganda’s president.

The singer recently declared that he would run for the presidency in 2021 and Kamara was the first to interview Bobi Wine live on TV after Bobi’s big announcement.

In a popular section of the interview that has been trending on social media following the Thursday night show, Bobi Wine said he will immediately ban taxes on the Over The Top (OTT) services introduced last year.

However, in an interview with The Observer newspaper, later on, Bobi Wine said he does not need to know everything to be president of Uganda.

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