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Bebe Cool roasted for crying out after his phone is stolen

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Singer Bebe Cool on Friday night lost his phone to a thug that snatched it at Kira Road traffic lights.

He immediately took to social media crying out about his stolen phone and warning the public not to fall victim in case the thief tries to contact them.

King Michael, Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira. COURTESY PHOTO

“Thug lucky as he snatches my fon @Kira road traffic lights. Sorry incase u call and no response,” he posted.

But social media showed no mercy and instead launched a full blown attack on the Wasibukawa singer. Many sarcastically told him not to worry as the regime he supports has things under control.

Bebe Cool and President Museveni. FILE PHOTO

One tweep said, “We shall get that one. We got enough security cameras,” while another one said, “Soon you will realize that the country is in shambles and that Mzeei shud go.”

You can follow his roasting here:

Bebe Cool later took to social media to brag about his wife Zuena whom he says bought him a new phone. He has, however, since deleted the post.

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