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FASHION TIP: Going nude, tastefully

The nude trend is one that will be with us for a while and with every fashionable event, comes a new way to wear it.

Stand out: The nude trend is one that will be with us for a while and with every fashionable event, comes a new way to wear it. How do you reveal some and yet leave a bit to the imagination? There are several ways to turn heads with your nude look and yet still look classy.

The Academy Awards took place last weekend, and while the main event had quite the hype, it is the after parties that were causing quite a stir, particularly with the fashion exhibited on the red carpet. With focus on the Vanity Fair after party, it was a contest over who had the nudest outfit, and while many chose to keep it classy and tasteful, some of the attendees like model Kendall Jenner were leaving nothing to the imagination with their wardrobe choices. And that got me thinking; how nude is too nude? Is it even possible to opt for the trend and still have a tasteful look? Well, the answer is yes, and you can achieve this by doing the following.

Go for the nude themed shades
Going for a nude look does not mean you have to go literal. You can decide to go for colours that are in line with the earthy toned trend, and still be killing it. For instance, you can choose to have on a body con dress in a nude shade, and have this accessorised well. You are still dressed in the nude trend, without necessarily having your tits and butt cheeks hanging out.

Line your nude fabrics
The nude dress is a great way to step out for a formal event that could have a red carpet. So, in order to turn the look around and make it classier, try layering your nude fabric with a more elaborate fabric. For instance, you can have a sheer pearl detailed fabric added to your nude under fabric, to make it more tasteful. Or, you can add something with a floral detailing. Ensure that the two fabrics complement each other well, so you have a clean final look.

Accessorise with nude pieces
Another great way to try out this trend is with accessories. Shoes, kimonos, coats and even bags make for the perfect nude element for your outfit. For instance, you can have on your nude coloured Louboutin added to your red number for the perfect finish. Or, your body hugging sweater dress could use a nude overcoat, to turn the look around and add a bit of flair to it as well.

Do not give off too much
Maybe you are in the mood to show some leg, and maybe a hip plugging dress is what you had in mind. Well, that is still a nude look, but one that could easily get you a serious wardrobe malfunction. So instead of getting the split on your dress all the way to the hip, how about you keep it to your thigh and maybe add a bit of cleavage into the mix? So you are still showing off skin, like you wanted to, but in a way that makes you look sexy and hot and trashy and desperate!

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