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FASHION: Perfecting the shorts suit look

Like all suited up looks, the fit here is very important and a crucial part of your outfit

Suit up: The weather gives us all excuse to wear as minimal clothing as we can bear. But that does not mean we lose our taste, class and elegance. The shorts suit look is one of those that will come in handy if you are looking to switch up things. How you rock it, however, also matters.

Even though the weather in Kampala is quite unbearable lately, the slay has to go on, and fashionistas need to be able to keep doing what they do best; looking amazing.

So next time you are looking to wear a suit, but need some comfort, why not opt for the short suit? What this entails is that your trousers will be replaced with shorts and the matching blazer to complete. Here is how you can quickly turn this chic outfit into your signature look, and nail it each time.

Ensure that it fits just right

Like all suited up looks, the fit here is very important and a crucial part of your outfit. With emphasis on the shorts, see to it that they are not even an inch tighter or loose.

For the perfect look, keep the short hems a few inches away from your knees. If you are the kind that has short limbs, then a pair of heels will work like magic to give you an illusion of longer legs, something that will help pop your look.

You could decide to keep the blazer fitted or a size bigger, if you are looking to pull off a vintage look.

Accessories are key

This look can be quite glamourous, and turn quite the heads; the trick is to go for just the right accessories. The checklist for this is going to include a great pair of shoes, some statement earrings, and a clutch or purse.

Also add a watch, and some bracelets to add more flair to the look. Do not be deceived that the suit can work on its own without being well accessorised.

That will just turn the whole look into something basic. Just ensure that the pieces you add are classy, tasteful, and elegant.

Your top dictates the overall look

Adding a lacy body suit to the look is possibly going to require a pair of elegant heels, while a slogan tee will possibly have you accessorising your ensemble with a pair of sneakers.

Choose these (the tops) basing on where you are wearing this suit to, or what your overall style goal is. You could also decide to go topless, and simply button up your blazer. This look can, however, turn scandalous real quick, so ensure you can actually pull it off.

Always go for warm shades

You can wear this suit in any shade of your choice. However, pastel shades such as baby blue, peach, egg york yellow and mint, are high up on the recommendation list.

Why? Because these bring a playful and relaxed feel to the outfit, which is what it is supposed to achieve in the first place. Other shades such as red, navy blue, and orange are also great choices, but try to lean more towards the warmer shades for a more striking look.

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