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I love his legs – Sheilah Gashumba defends boyfriend’s ‘bow legs’

Sheilah Gashumba and God’s Plan. COURTESY PHOTO

“Cause all of me, loves all of you. Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections,” goes the chorus of John Legend’s love ballad All of me.

We now know who else is singing along to the lyrics to this song in Uganda; none other than the freshly-in-love Sheilah Gashumba.

The media personality, determined not to let social media haters cast shadows on her relationship with boyfriend Marcus, alias God’s Plan, is now defending him against any adversary.

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The latest attack on Marcus comes from a twitter user who in a sarcastic post critiqued Marcus’ walking style and legs.
“Today let me celebrate this beautiful couple! They look each each!!! I’m so sure Gods plan looks far way better than @FFameica!!! Era I can say @SheilahGashumba you made the right choice!!! And God’s plan looks better in real life than in pixs!!! tho kale alinamu akatege katini (though he has bow legs)!” he wrote.

The first time that Marcus’ legs came under scrutiny was on Valentine’s Day when Sheilah shared a video of them walking together. Not even Sheila’s super sexy little silver dress could distract followers from noticing something unusual in his gait.

A one Flair Violet asked, “Wats wrong with hubby’s left leg as if it’s paining him or swag” and Lawren Rence said, “Is he related to Van_passie that walking style though.”

Looks like the lithe Gashumba-let is now tired of all the people asking about her boo’s legs and she silenced them with a simple message, “I love his legs,” accompanied with an emoji blowing kisses and a heart.

Don’t you love love?

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