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I promised my mum that I will remain humble – Chosen Becky

Chosen Becky.

You will not find any musician so cultured like Chosen Becky. You will like her within just minutes after meeting her and that is one of the weapons she uses to be a darling to many.

A few weeks back, she made headlines when she knelt for every journalist she came across at a certain publication house and we asked ourselves how she was brought up.

Chosen Becky, born Rebecca Kwikiriza hails from a village called Kiyirikiti in Masaka District and was discovered by a gentleman called Joseph Kiwangwa who found her talented after she impressed at a singing competition where the winner was given Vaseline.

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“The proprietor of NIK cosmetics Mr Joseph Kiwangwa was doing a drive of his cosmetics in my home village. They made a stop over and said whoever composes a song about Vaseline will be given a tin of Vaseline. I impressed and he told me he will make it his goal to promote my music career,” Chosen Becky said in an interview with NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe.

Chosen Becky

However, the only challenge was with her mother who is a staunch Christian. “When we went to talk to my mother about the decision of me joining the music industry, she first refused but Mr Joseph convinced her and even told her that he will also employ me at his company.” she added.

The ‘Bankuza’ musician further added that in order to convince her mother, she promised that she will remain humble, stay focused, never lose track and never dress in skimpy clothes.

It is this promise that is driving her ever since she joined the industry, she is among the top burgeoning artistes to watch out for.

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