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Video: Government chief whip Nankabirwa shows off curves in Parliament

Ms Ruth Nankabirwa shows off her curves before the legislators. COURTESY PHOTO

It has been criticized, petitioned and seven sued, but has gotten even the policy makers not only talking but also showing off their naughty sides. Who knew that one day Members of Parliament (MPs) would be discussing women’s hips, boobs and behinds?

But it happened and even reached the extent of an MP standing up and showing off her assets during a House sitting.

It all started when State minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda was invited to explain the Miss Curvy contest to legislators. After his presentation Franca Akello, the Agago District woman MP, who is against the contest rose to sepak and said that the contest is discriminatory to women without examples such as Hon Ruth Nankabirwa.

“….for example women such as Ruth Nankabirwa, who doesn’t have curves, who is not curvy and my self…Is it in order for the minister to believe that for us we cant contribute to tourism?” Ms Akello said.

Nankabirwa was not going to take the shade while sitting down

As Deputy speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanya was saying he would not subject Nankabirwa to that kind of scrutiny, Ms Nankabirwa had already gotten up to show what her mamma gave her.

Clad in a loose fitting green dress, Nankabirwa stood up, pocketed so that the dress could hug her a little tighter and turned to give all the MPs a glimpse at her assets. She held her waist and smiled at the other MPs who were all cheering on wildly.

Watch the hilarious video here:

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