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These photos of Geosteady and lover Prima will leave you thinking twice

Before and After. The younger Geo Steady and Prima Vs the current ones. COURTESY PHOTOS

A photo of Geosteady and his fiancee Prima Kardashi went viral during the #10YearChallenge phase. The photo showed the self-proclaimed RnB Kyabazinga with a visibly darker skinned Prima.

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Of course Geosteady had not yet gotten the money so it explained their looks but what is hard to understand is how Prima transformed from a Lupita Nyong’o to Kim Kardashian.

Prima’s skin drastically changed and would now be confused for a sister to Zuena thanks to a number of skin lightening creams that she uses.

Sqoop dug a little deeper into Prima and Geosteady’s albums to find these pictures that show the amazing transformation of the two lovers.

Prima, ardent supporter of skin lightening has in the past bragged that she knew the right way around bleaching unlike most women.

So into each other: Geosteady and soon-to-be wife Prima Kardashi. COURTESY PHOTO

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The couple has stuck with each other from their humble beginnings.


Prima Kardashi was flawless on her Kukyala ceremony.


She is so proud of her transformation that she even named the skin products after her.

Geosteady, daughter Soraya Willams and Prima Kardashi. COURTESY PHOTOS

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