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Radio was the greatest I ever worked with- Producer Bushingtone

Bushingtone recalls having worked with Radio & Weasel for 15 years

Never forgotten: George Bush Kagoda, known to many as Producer Bushingtone, is one of the people who has been with Radio and Weasel since the duo left Leone Island to start Goodlyfe. As we remember Mowzey Radio exactly one year since he passed on, Lawrence Ogwal talked to Bushingtone about the memories he shared with the legend.

You have been with Radio and Weasel for a long time, when did you meet?
I used to see Radio around but I officially met him in 2007 at the Leone Island home in Kabowa. I was also friends with Leone Island and at that time, we were under Jose Chameleone who was mentoring all of us in the music industry.

What are some of the memories you shared with the singer?
There are so many memories with Radio that we can spend the whole day talking about. You have to remember that we are talking about someone I knew for more than 15 years. Some of the sweet memories that I remember are our very first award at the PAM awards, MTV performance in Nigeria, the BET experience, the music launches and whenever we recorded hits.

As a producer, do you think one year without Radio has changed the music industry?
Yes it has, Radio and Weasel were a big pillar in the Ugandan music and the duo is no more. These are guys who set the bar high in the last 10 years.

How has his absence affected the music industry, in your opinion?
In Radio, we lost the greatest lyrical composer of this generation. The industry still had a lot to consume from him, the upcoming talent had a lot to learn from him. The fans still enjoyed his music. His music touched souls, it mended hearts it brought relief to people and on top of all, it gave hope.

What was the story behind him doing an album alone? Was he preparing for a solo career?
I do not think Radio ever thought of going solo; he lived, breathed and loved Goodlyfe; not at any one time did he want out. As far as I know, there is a commissioned gospel album that he was paid to record and after that, he still dropped songs with Weasel.

Many think Weasel cannot survive musically without Radio, do you agree?
As far as I know, Weasel was a star before Radio, it is Weasel that took on Radio in the beginning. He had hits playing and a name. He loved Radio and that is why he left his brother Chameleone and started Goodlyfe. He can make it alone becuase he is talented but I would love him to keep Radio’s legacy because he is the only one who can remind us of him. I would love him to keep dropping songs with Radio because we loved the music the two gave us.

The late Mowzey Radio. FILE PHOTO

What were some of the challenges you faced working with Radio?
I would not want to talk about challenges because he was human. Where he failed, we pray God forgives him. He is deceased and he cannot have a chance to come back and change things like we can do. I just want to appreciate the good things he did. It was a pleasure to have worked with such a legend.

Many people are fighting for his music, who do you think is entitled to it?
I hear stories but I think Weasel has a bigger say in the music because he is the surviving half of Radio and Weasel. They were a duo, they composed together shared equally. It is Weasel’s duty to make sure the company moves on and Radio’s children benefit from their fathers inventions.

As Bushingtone, how will you forever remember Radio?
As Bushingtone, I will remember Radio as a friend and brother but mostly as someone who started my career. He was the first artiste I ever recorded as a producer and he really pushed me to work hard and move the world with my talent. He believed in my visions and everything I created. He always thought I was wise. I will therefore remember him as the greatest artiste that I ever worked with.

He was known to have a bad temper, did you ever fight with him at any one point?
Like any human, we had disagreements on several issues. It is human for people working and living together to go through that. He never punched or physically attacked me and I did not do the same. We respected each other.
The achievements we earned together outshine those few unhappy moments.

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