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Man who posted ‘cheating’ wife’s photos on Twitter files for divorce 

Left: Milcah and Tumusiime on their wedding day. Right: Kazibwe enjoying drinks with Milcah. PHOTO CREDIT: @tufre80

Frederick Tumusiime, the man who posted photos of his wife on Twitter after finding her in a bar with another man has filed for a divorce.

Tumusiime, whose Twitter handle is @tufre80 shocked social media users on February 9th, when he posted a picture of his wife and her alleged side guy after he found them having drinks with their knees locked in a bar.

He accused his wife Milcah Mutesi who goes by @MilcahTessie, of having an affair with a workmate known as Richard Roy Kazibwe. Both Kazibwe and Milcah are employees of Stanbic Bank.

“When you run into your wife (@MilcahTessie) with a workmate (Richard Roy Kazibwe). @stanbicug what’s the workplace policy for relations between married workmates?” the post read.

A screenshot of @tufre80’s tweet, showing that he has filed for a divorce

Tumusiime also posted a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day captioned, “This choice I made didn’t work out the way I thought it would be. The beautiful woman is another man’s plaything. But I hope you’ll make it. You’ll be happy again.”

As expected, tweeps did not side with Tumusiime, with some accusing him of being a coward.

Today he shocked them with yet another revelation. He has filed for a divorce at the Chief Magistrate’s court of Nakawa.

Though he erased the names of the person that received it at the court, the two respondents in the divorce case are his wife Milcah Mutesi and Richard Roy Kazibwe.

In a tweet, he said “Baganda say “tosala gw’akawala nga tonawulila gw’akalenzi.” In other words, only fools rush to take sides. Plenty has been thrown around, but wild allegations are best treated with the contempt they deserve: zero response. The court will decide. I’ll NOT comment on the matter again.”

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