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‘It was a mutual decision’ – Herbert Shonga speaks out on failed marriage with Dorothy

Dorothy and Herbert.

Socialite Herbert Shonga has for the first time addressed his failed marriage with the mother of his children Dorothy.

He says that their break up was a decision they both arrived at after a long discussion and agreed that divorce was the only way out.

“None of us chased the other. We sat as a married couple and agreed that the marriage was not working out,” he said.

The socialite also rubbished claims that the alleged divorce is a publicity stunt. He said, “No it’s not a publicity stunt. You don’t pull such stunts in marriage. It’s real.”

Sasha Brighton. COURTESY PHOTO

For about three months it has been rumored that Shonga has been having an affair with singer Sasha Brighton. He has in fact been posting pictures of her lately and even featured in a video to her new song Gwe Manyi Gange. The singer even recently changed her relationship status to ‘In a Relationship’ from ‘Single’ which according to many confirmed their relationship.

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