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Elvis Mbonye’s Kabuleta for president 2021?

Joseph Kabuleta

“God chooses leaders through his prophets.” This is a message Prophet Elvis Mbonye has often preached in his Tuesday fellowships, saying anyone who wishes to be president of Uganda must worship at his fellowship.

The prophet has repeatedly said he was once praying and God showed him a few people among his flock.

However, he never name names, because “he cannot risk causing chaos”.

Now some people around the prophet have revealed some inside information. They say mbu Mbonye secretly confided in Joseph Kabuleta, a veteran sports journalist, and told him he was the chosen one.

Kabuleta made news two years ago when he was pictured kissing prophet Mbonye’s shoes in a ceremony that took place at Kololo airstrip.

Those close to Kabuleta say God confirmed the same prophecy to him but the actual pronouncement, according to Mbonye, will come at a later time when a normal transition, one without political chaos will be possible.

When we contacted Kabuleta on this, he just brushed us off and said: “Why do you want to cause chaos?”

Anyway, you guys might want to know that Prophet Mbonye prophesied Magufuli’s win in Tanzania, the chaos in Burundi, the Trump win in the US, Theresa May’s premiership in the UK, and Kabila’s handover in Congo. Now we have our eyes on 2021.

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