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Weasel: I miss my ka naughty Radio

Radio and Weasel

Life without radio: It is exactly one year since Uganda lost one of the most talented artistes in this generation. While his death devastated so many people and left a gaping hole in the music industry, we cannot begin to imagine how his singing partner – turned brother, Weasel took it. As the country celebrates the life of the legend, we caught up with Weasel to find out how he is coping.

It is exactly one year since your partner Radio passed on. How have you been coping without him?
Of course when you lose someone you have been working with, who had even turned into a brother, things can never be the same again. Friends change, especially those who think your world has ended because you have lost a partner, everyone starts judging you and so on.

How have you been since his death?
I have been sad but I am getting stronger because I am even in studio recording some tracks but all in all, it has been a very difficult year for me (2018).

With all that has been said since Radio’s passing, what affected you the most?
The most hurtful thing I heard was that we were among those who killed Radio and that I am not supposed to sing his songs. People should know that we started music together, at the same time. We were both broke, hustling and when he died and people started saying such stuff, it was really unfair. I should not be a victim in all this because of the journey I shared with my brother.

Has anyone helped you in the healing process?
Yes. So many people including Chameleone, Spice Diana and King Saha. They have given me company and the strength to keep moving.

What do you miss most about Radio?
His naughtiness. You would not beat him in any argument. Besides that, I also miss the happy moments we shared, especially when we were at the BET awards and so many other memories that we shared.

How did you manage to sing on that stage alone during the different stage performances you put up since his passing?
It was so difficult for me, especially the first time I stepped on stage without him. I remember it was in London and I almost failed to perform. We used to back each other up, take a few seconds and drink some water during his verses and he would also do the same on mine but I was alone on that stage, but because of the love from the fans and audience, I managed to overcome it all. I am now getting used to singing alone.

Have you started getting gigs now?
I have started getting some, but not as much as before when my brother was still around. I get some that I can survive on.

We also noticed that you mostly perform Lwaki Onumya at most shows we have seen you at, why this particular song?
It is not that it is the song I like to perform, but we have to respect time, especially if you are singing at someone’s event. I also find myself singing that song alone but if I had time, I would sing most of our songs.

Has anyone approached you with intentions to buy Radio’s songs like we’ve heard?
I am not responsible for selling songs. I do not hawk music. But I heard Julius Kyazze has Mowzey Radio’s Gospel album but no one is talking about it. We do not know if they sold it, or how much they made out of it but people are just putting all their effort/anger towards me.

You must be speaking of the Kilimanjaro album. Do you think he was paid to do that album or it was just his decision?
They made the album with intentions of sharing the profits but I do not know where Radio’s share goes.

Is King Saha part of Goodlyfe?
No, King Saha has not joined us and I doubt he ever will. Those rumours started circulating when people started seeing me with Saha a lot, but like I said, he has been there for me. He has been coming home everyday and used to do so even when Radio was still alive. We became brothers with some artistes and in fact, I have an album with Saha. We have a studio at home so he comes around, we drink our things, get hyper and hit studio but if it is what people want, we can still do it. They are our bosses and we work on pleasing them.

What about the rumour that Saha stole Biri Biri from Radio’s collection?
They should leave Saha out of this. He is a very talented artiste. People are just full of hate that he had an awesome year in 2018.

How is Goodlyfe performing lately?
We are doing some videos and so far five are done. Besides that, we are setting goals for ourselves because we have just started the year. We are focusing on the future.

Should we expect a concert from Weasel?
I want to hold a concert in April this year but it is not easy. We are talking with management to see that it happens. If all goes well, April will be the month.

What should we expect at that concert?
I am still negotiating with Wizkid to fit in his programme because it would love him to be part of it.

One year without Radio, how do you find the music industry generally?
It is boring. People are not serious, they are singing boring songs yet they used to insult Radio when he was still around.

Who are your top five artistes lately?
King Saha, Spice Diana, John Blaqq and Ykee Benda.

What life lessons have you learnt ever since Radio passed on?
If you have a friend, be there for them, never argue and when you do, resolve things there and then because the day that friend passes on is the time you will know how important they are. We need each other because no man is an island.

Are you following up on the case?
It is in High Court and we all know court things. They keep postponing hearings.

Are you organising something in Radio’s memory today?
We are going to cook a lot of food, invite friends and celebrate his life.

If there is one thing you would tell Radio right now, what would it be?
That I miss him. He should be here and see the type of people and friends we were surrounded with.

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