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Chagga speaks out on what it was like managing Mowzey Radio

GOOD OLD DAYS: Mowzey Radio, Chagga and Weasel. COURTESY PHOTO

Life in the Good Lyfe camp has never been the same since the death of Mowzey Radio on February 1, 2018. One person that can testify to the changes and betrayals in the crew is their former manager Chagga, who has since been booted.

Although Good Lyfe crew announced on social media that they had fired Chagga (real names Geoffrey Kyagambidwa), he never came out to address the reports.

For the first time, he opened up in a rare interview that Sqoop has managed to get a hold of.

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Chagga who was speaking at a prayer session held in memory of Radio confirmed that he indeed left Good Lyfe as he no longer had friends there.
“I left the Good Lyfe crew and it’s the one handling Radio and Weasel’s music. It’s the one taking care of Radio’s wives and children. I am out of the Good Lyfe. My association and journey with Good Lyfe started and ended with Radio because he is the one that knew me,” Chagga said.

He further said that he does not know what the Good Lyfe crew planned to do with the deceased singer’s music.

Chagga performs at Roast and Rhyme as a guest

Chagga performs at Roast and Rhyme as a guest. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

“I thought most of the Good Lyfe members knew me but I discovered later that they were never my friends so I don’t know anything about their plans for Radio’s music,” he said, before adding that he used to wear shirts having both Radio and Weasel’s faces but he now only wears shirts with Radio’s face.

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“I used to wear shirts with two faces but now I only wear those with one face because I discovered that he was the one who was my friend. I know that Radio loved me and even some of his last words were that he can never disrespect me and those words keep me going.”



During the interview held with Luzze Andrew Anderson, Chagga also emphasized that Radio was a miraculous angel that Uganda never appreciated.

“He was music itself. There are people who have gotten life partners, made babies due to music from Radio. He was an angel. He made many miracles, touched people’s hearts. But People didn’t appreciate or understand him. He was under looked so God took him back,” an emotional Chagga said.

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He also disputed reports that Radio left 17 albums of unreleased music saying that the singer had even more than that because he used to record a song each day.

“The people who are making albums of Radio now include like 8 or 12 songs so it’s up to them to choose the number of songs they want to put. It’s not what Radio or his fans would have wanted because Radio never used to make albums. He used to record songs,” Chagga said.

He revealed that the late Mowzey Radio used to record a song each day and only missed if they were on tour in far countries or when he was sick.


Mowzey Radio and Weasel.

“Radio used to record 3 or 1 song each day. There is no day that passed when he had not recorded a song. Whenever he would wake up, he would ask us to find whatever producer he felt like working with. And we had to find the producer. I had never spent a day with Radio when did not record a song,” Chagga intimated.

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He also said that they sometimes had to travel with producers while on tour in other countries so Radio could continue to record songs. One of such songs is Ole that was recorded while they were on tour in Sudan.
He also revealed that he has plans to make a documentary about Mowzey Radio.

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