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Video: Joel Sebunjo teams up with Waka Stars bands in creative new video

Waka Stars Band, a band that comprises of Wakaliwood’s child actors, are in the spotlight once again.

The young ones this time do not come in an action movie. They show up in a music video of a song titled Rise Up Africa.

The song was recently released by world singer Joel Sebunjo off his album United Slaves of Africa.

The song has the young ones owning it and coming up with a creative video for the song. Like it is their signature, the young ones play musical instruments that are locally made from plastics and steel.

Joel Sebunjo

Sebunjo says he looked for the Waka Stars band because they represent Africa.
“These kids bring out the beauty in Africa and they portray the picture of Africa and how the people of Africa live happily and that was what they showed in the video,” Sebunjo said.

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The Waka stars Band can also be remembered as a group that was introduced from the film industry to the music industry by Spice Diana. A few years ago, they shot Spice Diana’s video. She later did a remix to her song Anti Kale with the young stars.
You can watch the video here:

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