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People Power chants dominate King Saha’s Biri Biri concert

Last evening, musician King Saha held his ‘Biri Biri’ concert at Kyadondo rugby club.

The highly anticipated concert was fairly attended but the People Power chants by both fans and musicians dominated the show. Artistes like Mickie Wine, Fefe Bussi, Big Eye and King Saha himself kept mentioning ‘people power’ during their performances and this was directed at Bobi Wine who was part of the audience.

Saha reached an extent of even singing Bobi’s ‘Mazzi Mawanvu’ which drove the audience wild and forcing Bobi on his feet alongside his aides to dance while lifting their one fist up.

When it clocked midnight after Saha had finished his one hour performance, part of the audience especially in the VIP decided to sing part of Bobi’s ‘Tuliyambala Engule’ perhaps to give him hope now that he no longer performs at public events.

This was a new venue for Saha and the concert came a few weeks after Fik Fameica’s not well attended show. By 8pm, at least the musician had gotten a handful of revelers, at least more than Fik’s audience and that is when performances kicked off with mostly upcoming artistes.

Serious business kicked off at 10pm with artistes such as Aziz Azion, Gravity Omutujju, Ykee Benda, Feffe Bussi, Pr Bugembe and Jose Chameleon. Saha came on stage 10 minutes to 11pm and kicked off his performance with ‘Mulilwana’, ‘Tereza’, ‘Signal’, bebantu baffe’ alongside Ziza Bafana’, ‘Science’ and ‘Gundezze’ among others. He also performed Maddox’s ‘Oluyimba, Chameleone’s ‘Mama Mia’ as well as ‘Lwaki Onumya’ by Goodlyf. He finished off with ‘On my way’, Very Well and lastly Biri Biri.

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