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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

Four One One

Ten hilarious photos from viral 10-year challenge

If you spend much of your time on social media, you must have come across the 10-year challenge or participated in it.

The challenge, which took Facebook, Instagram and twitter by storm on Monday, is basically a comparison of photos that date back to ten years ago and those taken recently.

People post side-by-side photos of how they look in 2019 versus what they looked like some number of years ago.

While various celebrities jumped on the challenge and shared hilarious photos from way back, some were turned into memes.

Take a look at our top ten most hilarious photos from the challenge.

Comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi must have suffered the most pain in this challenge. First someone compared him with a 1979 photo of Idi Amin…

Idi Amin (L), Patrick Salvador (R)

And then, once upon a time, in a far away swamp, there lived an ogre named Shrek…

Shrek Vs Salvador

Tv presenter MC Kats has become the latest victim of trolling on social media over the last two months. While we thought the internet had moved on, this 10 year challenge awakened the memories. His trolls are at it again…

Much as Kats would so much love to participate in the challenge, he has nothing to show. Photos never existed!

Media personality MC Kats

Now this one must be one the reasons government introduced OTT tax on social media. Where the heck do Ugandans get the time to do this? Anyway, who knew that Spark Tv’s Mr Mosh had such a striking resemblance with former inspector general of Police, Kale Kayihura?

Mr Mosh (L), kale kayihura (R)

Below is Abubaker Lubowa, a senior Photographer at Daily Monitor, also former UJA presidential aspirant. If the current Lubowa (on the right), met this thug on the left today, a fight would ensue. Look at those shades, and the buggy jeans! Anyway he says he was trying to be a Ugandan version of 50 cent, but things failed him along the way.

Daily Monitor’s Abubaker Lubowa

Meanwhile, according to Don Wanyama, the Senior Presidential Press secretary, what this ten-year challenge is revealing is that at an individual level, loads of Ugandans have made tremendous growth and development, which can only be credited to the stable, progressive leadership of the NRM government.

“I mean nearly everyone who has posted their pics has grown from a ghostly, skinny, miserable individual a decade ago, to now pretty, chubby, vibrant, better-looking individuals. Even for chaps like Atukwasize Chris Ogon (below) who I thought their current looks are not so encouraging, seeing their images of ten years ago makes you celebrate what they are today. Banange, NRM ebeewo!!” he said in a Facebook Post.

Chris Ogon Atukwasize, the popular Daily Monitor cartoonist

We cannot trace the origins of the challenge, but we believe it could have started from Facebook’s ‘memories’ feature, since it normally floods users with long forgotten photos.

More photos of Ugandan celebrities from way back.

For people like Juliana Kanyomozi, not much has changed, apart from the picture quality, type of make up used, and dress code. She was a diva from way back.

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi

Much as this was a comparison between 2009 and 2019, media personality Anita Fabiola pulled out an adorable photo from her childhood. Safe move!

Anita fabiola

Well, well, well… Meet Vinka, past and present. Vinka please keep these photos in your closet, far far away!


Finally! this should have been our first, but then we did not want to hurt some people from the start. Sorry Arsenal fans, but we have to share this…

Meanwhile some tech enthusiasts say that those participating in the 10 year challenge are making it easy for Facebook to conclude its ongoing experiment to refine the facial recognition technology.

“You are offering FB a ton of free comparative visual data while at this,” one enthusiast said.

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