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Sorry Fik Fameica! Sheilah Gashumba enjoys holiday in Dubai with ‘best friend’

Sheila Gashumba shared this photo on her Facebook page with the caption: With my best friend talking about God, goals and growth

NTV Presenter and Daughter to motor mouth Frank Gashumba known as Sheilah Gashumba is enjoying life in Dubai. The socialite has been posting videos of herself riding in expensive Ferraris and Lamborghinis among other expensive cars.

Videos of her show she I always having fan in Dubai night club and posting videos and photos in classy Hotel rooms with videos showing a view of Dubai from the balcony.

The TV presenter went immediately after her Ballers Party that took place at Club Guvnor on December 18 and the following week, Christmas found her in Dubai.

We are not sure what she is doing there and who she is with but she says she went with a couple of friends to have fan. The 22 year old says that she cannot reveal who the friends she went with to Dubai are and when she posted a photo with a guy on the Balcony of one of the tallest Hotels in Dubai, it didn’t show face but a back view of Gashumba and a random guy who is arguably in his early 30s.

When we spoke to Gashumba on WhatsApp, she said that she always goes to a country of her choice every December for Holidays and this time it turns out that it is in Dubai. “Many say that I went to Dubai with God’s Plan and took a photo with him but who the hell is God’s Plan?” Gashumba says, she goes on and says that she is tired of answering a question about God’s Plan because there is no one called God’s Plan apart from a song that she knows in the same title that belongs to American Rapper Drake.

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