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R. Kelly’s new song receives lots of love amid #SurvivingRkelly

In this AFP file photo taken on November 24, 2013 R Kelly arrives for the 2013 American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, California. Singer R. Kelly, the target of a boycott campaign over his treatment of women, hit back on July 23, 2018 in a 19-minute song in which he reveals he was abused himself.
Frederic J. BROWN / AFP

American artist R. Kelly has over the last one week come under intense scrutiny in the wake of the Lifetime docuseries; ‘Surviving R.Kelly’, that featured interviews with women who claim that for decades the artist used his power and influence to sexually and physically abuse women and young girls.

The six part series sparked renewed interest in allegations of sexual misconduct by the singer, with women rights activists calling for a boycott of his music, through the ‘Mute R. Kelly’ movement.

Amidst all the protests against the singer, there is one group of people that doesn’t seem to be bothered by the allegations- his YouTube fans!

On New Year’s day (January 1), R. Kelly released a song titled ‘Born to my Music’, a dedication to 90s babies.

“Well here’s to all the 90’s babies Single mothers or daddy’s maybes Whether rich or whether poor This who this song is for Cause I know that You were (Born to my music),” the chorus goes.

The song that has so far been watched by 130,051 users, has however received lots of positive vibes, in it’s over 10,000 comments.

Here is a sample of some of the comments

Megan Richards (1 week ago)

“The real King has spoken. R Kels is back to his best I’ve cried to your music Made love to your music Danced to your music Love ya Robert Kelly

Tea Santana (1 week ago)

No matter what this man has done you are listening to the real king of R&B. He is the most talented and musical songwriter of this time. You cannot take away this man’s love hits and deny his greatness. Stop banning his music… It hurts the fabric of America’s music. All you fans just pray for him. Shalom.

Juanita Felder (1 week ago)

The TRUE R&B KING! No one can ever take that from this man. He is a musical genius. I feel blessed that I was even alive in the era to really appreciate this man’s music. I will forever and always be a fan. Love this song; you can’t dim the light on this man talent.

Tea is Blount (1 week ago)

Thank you ROBERT 4 all the you put into your music it touches the soul in all lanes you can cross that absolutely boss keep that same energy in everything you have the midis touch everything you touch turns 2 gold this song as well you was born 4 this stay up & definitely blessings 2 u Kelly you from SWEETS

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Taniyjhea Carter (6 days ago)

Let’s pray for R Kelly… this song means more than just another hit… he’s trying to relay a message to his fan


All hail the King… love him or hate him he is the unshaken king and it will take a 1000 Jacqueeses to be just below him. You are King R Kelly and thats something they can never take from you.

Barbara Carter (4 days ago)

You know as I watch the surviving R Kelly one thing that they had wrong and I know for sure yes he called himself the Pied Piper of R&B and the commentary went on to say that the Pied Piper something that would leave the children you know he would play the play the flute and the children would follow that’s not how the real story went the Pied Piper read the city or the little place that they were at of Mike that’s the real story of The Pied Piper had nothing to do with children they bought a person in that played the flute and the mice like the music and they followed him out of town which rid it the town of mice God do you research people.

Real Love (6 days ago)

Mr. Kelly. No matter what people may say are what mistakes you’ve made in life one thing no one can take from you is the timeless and the great melody sound of pure art that people listen to still till this day I mean your ability to take a break for a while even years and to come back and make great music like you’ve never stopped is beyond talent it’s a gift that only very few artists have I mean very few not to mention all the classic songs you’ve written for other artist ?

Jamaal Davis (2 days ago)

He’s still the last of a dying breed and the king of r&b only people who are on his level are the 70s and 80s singers nobody today can come close to r Kelly despite all of the rumors about him

Trina H (3 days ago)

He will always be the King. It breaks my heart to hear that he’s going through this B.S. It’s not fair. I can say more but I will mind my own business and stay out of it. He’ll be in my prayers. One love fam. P.s. I’m personally tired of hearing about over and over again. They all make me sick. This is all over my news feeds. I have to keep clicking it off.

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