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Kabuura can’t get enough of his ring

Andrew Kabuura

By now the whole world must know that sports journalist Andrew Kabuura got hitched and the lucky girl was none other than NTV news anchor Flavia Tumusiime.

For those who did not know, where were you on that hot January 12 when that wedding was trending on social, huh? Anyhow, the two just returned from their honeymoon in Dubai (going by a video Kabuura posted on his Instagram with a visible La Mer Beach) and the couple returned straight to work.

But it looks like Kabuura is yet to get used to the ring on his finger…what with him playing with it all through the show on Monday! Kabuura, who presents the weekly Press Box show on NTV, kept touching and twisting his wedding ring, which left us wondering what was going on.

But knowing the excitement that comes with being a newly-wed, we totally understood and know that it will take a bit of time to get used to some foreign object on your body. So, hang in there Mr Kabuura, you will be fine.

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