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Former B2C Manager Andy Events signs Lydia Jazmine


Lydia Jazmine

Towards the end of last year, Andrew Mugerwa known to many as Andy Events fell out with singing trio B2C.

The group that worked with Andy Events from day one to see their career graduate to one of the best music groups in Uganda, parted ways with the producer, after holding their first ever concert.

Rumour has it that the group fell out with Andy after her refused to pay them when they sold out nine shows. Among these was the show at freedom City, which collected more than Shs150M.

When everyone thought Andy had kissed artist management good bye, he called the media and unveiled another group of artists he would manage henceforth.

Among the artistes he unveiled were Brian Weiyz, Chris Banina and Viva Music.

We later learnt that Andy’s main focus was Weiyz and not the other two.

The latest development is that Andy is set to be Lydia Jazmine’s new manager. It still remains a rumour although when we contacted Andy Events, he said that very soon, he will issue an official statement but for now, he doesn’t have much to comment on the matter
“Lol!” Lydia Jazmine said when we contacted her about a comment on the story. She later said that when it is true or not, we shall get to know.

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