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Abenakyo wasn’t on Makerere graduation list

Happy Quiin Abenakyo, Miss World Africa, attending the 69th graduation at Makerere University last week. PHOTO RACHEL MABALA

During it’s 69th Graduation ceremony last week, Makerere University authorities recognized Quiin Abenakyo for completing her studies, despite being in the celebrity world.

The authorities that claimed Abenakyo had graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Business Computing, also gave her a book titled What After University.

Ms Abenakyo, who could not hide her excitement, attributed her success to, among other things, being humble and focused.
“I am the happiest girl today. While at university, I also went through some of the challenges other university students go through but that did not stop me from reading my books. I am glad I am graduating today,” said Ms Abenakyo.

However, taking a critical look through the 69th graduation booklet, we could not trace Abenakyo’s name on the list of those that that graduated with Bachelor of Business Computing from Makerere University Business School.

Perhaps she uses different names for her academic credentials, who knows!

A list of students that were awarded a degree of Bachelor of Business Computing. Abenakyo’s name does not appear here

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