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27 Guns actor speaks out on ‘laziness’ that flawed the movie

Kizito Samuel Savior 27 Guns.

Kizito Samuel Savior on a poster for 27 Guns. COURTESY PHOTO

Film director and actor Kizito Samuel Savior has come out to address the concerns that many Ugandans expressed after watching the NRA liberation movie 27 Guns.

Kizito, who has won a number of awards for his film The Forbidden, also featured in 27 Guns as an extra in some of the scenes. Many of his followers have, however, accused him of taking part in a movie that they think left a lot to be desired.

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On Monday, he posted a disclaimer on social media saying he is not the one to be blamed for the film’s lackluster performance.
Banange, I’m not the director of 27 Guns movie; me I was just a featured extra, Y’all are throwing bullets at me as if made it,” his post read.

A scene from the movie. Behind the character portraying Museveni is Kizito Samuel Saviour. COURTESY PHOTO

But before this post, he had written a long explainer on what could have been done better. Here are his submissions.

“A lot of 27 Guns movie reviews have come in, and ain’t here to make another rather than sharing what it’s misfortunes have taught me.
Firstly, from the years 2015 until now and for the next years, I don’t expect Ugandan films to use excuses of “its my first film” or “it’s our first film” because truth be told we are living in an era where we are exposed to all the dynamics and shortcuts to doing better productions that should not have certain flaws or errors, those annoying errors that even a non-technical person can spot I mean, so I don’t expect this excuse to be used by the makers of this film
Secondly, I believe producers or whoever is hiring cast and crew for any production should be really cautious… For instance, *27 Guns* annoying flaws exist coz of the laziness of the following departments
2.Production Design
4.Costume Design
6. Any other you noticed
Out of experience, I strongly believe, if the right people were hired for those 5 major departments of that production, the personnel in them would have been able to notice, mitigate or correct any errors that would arise when the film comes out to the public and have them branded amateur, lazy or anything related…

As filmmakers we try as much as we can to watch our films hundreds of times while in the editing room to make sure we have corrected all correctable errors that we may have encountered unknowingly during the shoot, so when such fixable errors are noticed in the final product the public is watching, I just say It’s the laziness of those departments that the film could not live up to its anticipation…

Lastly, I so believe those people would have done something to rewrite or restructure the story that had been lightly written by the initial writers… And anyway why bother, they would have just hired better writers to rewrite the whole thing instead, I have always rewritten most of the productions producers hire me to direct… ?
Above all, well done to my fellow cast, and the crew team of 27 Guns for the elements that came out right and amazing, and hmm ? for those things that you gave a deaf eye and ear whilst on set and whilst post production, I pray you all learned from this production that the next ones you work on will be way better… Step by step in faith.”

Well that was Kizito Samuel Saviour’s view. What is yours?

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