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VIDEO: The bouncers were doing their job- Ginuwine on Michael Ross scuffle

Ginuwine performs at the Jazz and Soul Safari concert. PHOTO BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

Until Saturday night, most of us had forgotten about local RnB singer Michael Ross. On Friday when addressing the press, American Singer Ginuwine promised him a collabo, but none of us thought Ross would take it literally.

So anyway, during the Jazz Safari concert that featured Ginuwine, Michael Ross out of the blue jumped on stage as the American musician was singing. Michael Ross started breaking dancing but before some people could even notice his presence, two bouncers muscled him off the stage and threw him back down.

Before he left the country last evening, Ginuwine had this to say about the scuffle.

“Whatever they did, they were probably doing their job, you cant hit on them for that. I am just glad they didn’t do something extra to rough him up or hit him,” he said.

Ginuwine who was standing with Ross, according to a video clip shared on Jazz Safari Facebook page said he did not see what the bouncers did.

“I was laughing and I was like, hey I wish you had told me. That is not something that I want. Hopefully we can do something together,” he said to Ross.

The American singer further thanked Uganda for showing him so much love while he was here. “I gave you guys so much love, because you gave me so much love.”

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