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DSLR Cameras: Two entry-level choices for budding photographers

So you have been thinking of trying a new hobby in 2019. You have your eyes set on Photography and are looking for budget cameras to kick things off. You do not want to spend considerably on expensive gear since this is something you are trying out to see where it leads. We are going to take a look at two cameras that might work well for your exploits. I have focused this selection to only Nikon and Canon because while there are other brands out there, you might struggle with a limited lens selection.

Nikon D3300 retails for Shs1,750,000

Nikon D3300
The D3300 was released in 2014 as an entry level DSLR for starter photographers.
With a high resolution 24 Mega Pixel sensor that delivers great images, the camera just likes its predecessor (the D3200) offers a high pixel count that has become a selling point for many photographers. The camera also has Nikon’s second generation processing engine, which makes shooting continuously at five frames per second possible while maintaining this burst rate for up to 100 quality JPEGS. However the camera has a fixed LCD, which limits viewing angles especially when shooting video. If an articulating screen is really important to you, you might have to look up the range to the Nikon D5600 or jump ship into the Canon stable.
The camera has a built in microphone along with a microphone port that you can hook an external microphone into when shooting film. As an entry level offering, the camera has a guide mode for new photographers that might need all the help they can get while working on their first project. Battery life is good with the D3300, along with excellent button layout and the ability to shoot pretty decent HD video although it wont give 4k qualities. If you choose to go the way of the D3300, you will have a wide lens selection readily available on the market. The D3300 can be picked up for about Shs1.75m which comes with a kit lens but if you want to go more budget than that, opting for the Nikon D3200 will set you back about Shs1.4m. The D3200 has similar features to the D3300 so you will not miss out on a lot.

Canon Rebel T3i goes for about Shs1,800,000

Canon Rebel T3i
The Rebel T3i on the other hand was released in March 2011 and came with an 18 Mega Pixel sensor and holds first position on amazons bestseller list in the DSLR category. The hardware feature that sets the T3i over the D3300 and makes up for the camera’s lower pixel count is its’ articulating screen. With this feature, you are able to shift the LCD display in pretty much any direction you may need. The Rebel T3i makes a stellar follow up to its predecessor the Canon T2i with its articulate LCD being the stand out hardware feature.
The T3i among the Canon Rebel series is well suited for new photographers because it is the easiest to use compared other Rebel series. This model also comes with a bunch of creative filters and wireless flash control if you are into that kind of thing.
Just like the Nikon D3300, the T3i has a user guide that explains how the camera works and what some of the functions do. This is especially useful to new photographers. Battery life with the T3i is great and with a few exceptions the camera is very similar the Canon t2i both in hardware build and interface although it weighs 50 grams more.
As with most Canons, this model has a rubberized textured surface on the areas you are likely to hold for that non-slip grip when shooting. Like the D3300 you will be able to shoot HD film although 4K is something that you will achieve by looking elsewhere from this Rebel. The T3i goes for about Shs1.8m with its kit lens although you might have to dig around to get it at that rate. If some of the T3i fancies like the articulating screen don’t mean much to you, you can opt for the Canon T2i which goes for about Shs1.3m.
With either of these two Camera’s you can kick start your photography hobby and upgrade from the kit Lenses to more professional lenses along the way. Happy shooting.

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