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Bakiga Nation scraps VIP, introduces uniform entrance fees

Revellers at Bakiga nation

The Bakiga Nation, an event that started on a low attracting basically Bakiga people from the Western part of the country to celebrate their Kiga culture has finally grown. This Sunday, the Bakiga nation will see their 6th edition and two things have changed.

The Bakiga Nation was known for happening at one venue known as Naguru Hilltop Hotel and it was known for being a free entry event.

Introducing VIP

Perhaps because of the overwhelming numbers of revelers that the event attracts and ‘intruders’ (read non Bakiga.. lol..), the organisers of the event introduced an entrance fee, and limited the number of guests to 300.

While the event previously allowed revelers to roam around the venue, organisers on November 7th, said there would be a VIP section on this weekend’s edition.

“As Bakiga Nation we have received countless requests from some of our esteemed guests over the time that prefer a Private Setup due to various reasons being, elders, families & groups… and in order to serve you better…we have introduced a section to cater for that,” a post on the Bakiga Nation Facebook page reads.

A vote was cast on Facebook, and Makanga was selected as the name for their new baby- the VIP section. Makanga is a serene village in Kabale District, covering a single hill. It is known as the place for the rich, some call it the Muyenga of Kabale.

With the new arrangement, Makanga tickets were to go for Shs20,000, ordinary for Shs10,000 and Shs5,000 for kids.

VIP rejected

Though 76% of the participants in the poll selected Makanga over VIP, other naysayers dubbed it as segregation.

“With that Makanga and General thing, orandebeyo anteere kibooko (meaning, whoever finds me there should cane me). I stand against divisionism,” a one Muteguya Albert said.

Merabel Candy said “Its not too late to change that arrangement. I have read comments carefully but nobody has shown plans of going as VIP. We are Bakiga and we are one. Don’t separate us. Culture is built on union.”

Atwijukye Allan Saul “But sincerely speaking how will I meet someone in ordinary side if I decide to go for VIP en vice-versa, Bakiga nation has been an event of meeting friends en new Bakiga people but how will it work without seeing all the people.”

Clints Ayebare “DONT Believe in that that Makanga oba VIP thing. VIP and ordinary separation will ruin this event in less than two years. Am not a prophet but mark my words”

Despite all the negative feedback, Bakiga Nation organisers said, “In a society we all have different needs… You might enjoy it open but another might not… Denying them their right to enjoy is wrong.”

VIP scrapped, general fees introduced

In a new twist of fate, the organisers have finally scrapped off the VIP and ordinary tickets to the event.

All revelers will be required to pay an entrance fee of Shs10,000 to access the venue, while kids will pay Shs5,000.

Each ticket will automatically be in a draw to win a fully paid holiday trip courtesy of Rwandair.

Nile Special has come on board for those who have always found difficulty to fit in the Bakiga Nation where Bakiga’s local brew ‘Enturire’ was the only drink of the day.

The second thing apart from attaching the price is that the event will move from Naguru to UMA show grounds in Lugogo. The event is meant for people from Kiga culture to catch up and also enjoy performances from Bakiga cultural dance groups.

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