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Trends not to carry into the New Year

Let go: Trends come and go, sometimes they take a while if they are worth keeping and sometimes they just do not last. 2018 had some interesting trends that came with it, and of course while we might want to keep some, there are a few that we just wish can go with this year.

Happy holidays everyone. And I hope the festive season is treating you and your loved ones well. When it comes to the fashion served in 2018, it has been quite the ride, and we did see some really interesting trends come up on the scene. And while there are those that we would definitely love to see carried on into the New Year, there are those we would highly recommend you dump in 2018. Here is a breakdown of what fashion trends we do not want to see in 2018.

Oversized clothing
We loved it while it dominated, but we highly recommend that you leave all that Yeezy-inspired oversized clothing in 2018. There is nothing appealing about ill-fitting clothes, regardless of what the pages of Vogue will tell you. We saw these all over the place, in the form of oversized sweaters, sweat pants, jeans and even tees. Come 2019, keep to the clean fits, and slay your way into our good fashion books.

Extremely ripped clothing
Homeless chic they said? Well, leave that chic in 2018! Extremely ripped clothing was all the rage this year, and we did love some of the looks put together with this. But it looks like we are over that, and hope not to see more of this trend in the New Year. Instead, stick to the cleaner, neater and more fashion forward looks. It does not matter how expensive your outfit may be, if it features the extreme ripping details, you will end up looking homeless, and that is no way to begin the New Year, no?

Baring too much skin
Ladies, do not let the Instagram feed deceive you, these men prefer their women modest, and covered up. So maybe it is time to leave those navel and thigh-high baring outfits in 2018. Begin your 2018 with a revamped style that is more classy, tasteful and elegant. You can still dress up and be sexy for your man, without your nipples and butt cheeks hanging out.

Skinny jeans for men
Well, these were great, and we loved drooling over your well-built legs in those skin tight jeans, but maybe it is time we moved on already. Come 2019, please let go of these, and instead opt for the well-fitting trousers. Even for the jeans, you can find a pair that fits well, without walking around looking like you wore the missus’ jeans unknowingly.

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