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Michael Ross Kakooza

Oh my! 2018 has been one hell of a year. Things change in just a week; tragedies that made us mourn and others that were just plain comical. Who knew RnB singer Michael Ross of all people would ever trend? Michael whoooooo? Yes, you heard right, Michael Ross Kakooza. He had fallen off to be honest. Off the charts, off people’s minds, off girl’s crush lists and eventually off the stage in embarrassing style. I am sure y’all have already seen the video.

The singer was thrown away like a box by some mean bouncers at the recent Soul and RnB Safari show headlined by American singer Ginuwine. Oh gosh! The video was cringeworthy throughout. You wondered what Micheal Ross was even thinking to invade the stage in the middle of Ginuwine’s performance. He set himself up for the embarassment that’s for sure, but I do not think him or anyone else deserved to be bundled off stage like a thief.

When a man has done ‘winter’ for breakdancing moves that were popular in the early 90s, you allow him some time. At least I would.
As the memes and jokes went around about the whole mess, I could not help but remember how Micheal Ross was actually your crush’s high school crush.

Remind her now and you will be her ex in a second. He had his time. Took off his shirt at every opportunity, confused girls, sang those cheesy love songs and was the Usher you got on discount. Many of his trolls actually mimed Micheal Ross’ bu songs at Interact functions or worsestill, squeezed your high school friends to his music in those tired school main halls. How quick we forget!

To be fair to our memory, he has not helped the situation much. The chances of finding a Micheal Ross song on the radio are just as many as Sevo’s to quit power. Nil! It is crazy how the powerful fall from grace. Such stuff plays out all the time. We see people who once got everyone talking slowly fading into oblivion and before you know it, they are only remembered when they are dead or when some scandal happens. Sustaining talent for years, especially music, is very difficult and people are always ready to rip artistes apart when things do not seem to go their way.

The phrase “wagwamu” is loosely thrown around to mean you are down, you are finished. Well guys, life happens. You are on top of your game at one point, then you are at your lowest the next. We observers/fans are sometimes very insensitive or rather trolls that want to use every mishap for a laugh. Humans are just plain savage.

For Micheal Ross, I can understand the emotions of wanting to grace the stage with your idol. There is no shame in that. You do not owe anyone an apology. We are all very human and get carried away. It is this trolling that makes people forever stay hidden in their comfort zones. The fear of ridicule and embarrassment. Guys, it is your stage. Risk it all. The bouncers will sort themselves. Wama Micheal Ross, no worries!

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