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Uganda’s Florence Kasumba to star alongside Beyoncé in Lion King Remake

From major roles in Black Panther, Captain America: Civil war and Infinity war actress Florence Kasumba keeps raising the bar higher.

Kasumba, a German actress of Ugandan origin, is set to hit our TV screens yet again in another blockbuster, Walt Disney’s upcoming 2019 film The Lion King.

The movie is a remake of Disney’s 1994 animated film of the same name and is set to be released on July 19, 2019. The Lion King was a top selling movie and beloved by families. Who didn’t watch Lion King as a kid?

The 42-year-old Kasumba will voice Shenzi, one of the three hyenas in The Lion King and one of the three main antagonists in The Lion King 1½.  She is one of Scar’s chief henchmen.

In the original movies, Shenzi was voiced by legendary actress Whoopi Goldberg so she is filling very big shoes. Kasumba will star alongside other clelebrity actors including Donald Glover, Seth Rogan, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Billy Eichner, John Oliver, Keegan-Mikael Key and James Earl Jones and music icon Beyoncé Knowles who will voice Nala.

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