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Ghosts from Kyarenga concert haunt Bobi Wine


A few days ago, bouncers under their umbrella Uganda Bouncers Association (UBA) stormed Bobi Wine’s home in Magere demanding payment for their services at Kyarenga concert.

Stories started circulating about this and how the Kyadondo East MP real name Robert Kyagulanyi had failed to clear the debt.

Mr Richard Sekamwa Byantalo, the UBA head of operations said the pop star was not involved in all the saga.

Asked why they had to storm the MP’s home yet he was not involved, Mr Richard said that the promoter of the Kyarenga concert only identified as Yasin had told them that he had contacted them on behalf of Firebase and since Bobi Wine is the ‘President of Firebase’, they found it wise to camp at his home for payment.

“Mr Yasin came to our offices and requested that we help him with 100 bouncers to provide security at Kyarenga concert on behalf of Firebase because police wouldn’t handle it alone. We agreed on Shs6.4million

with each bouncer receiving at least shs50,000 with the executive members getting more. This is not the money we work for but because we like Bobi Wine, we agreed,” said Richard.

He added that each bouncer was supposed to be provided with breakfast and lunch and that their duty was to prevent thugs and other suspected criminals and provide security.

“At 1am after the event was done, we went to demand for our money but Yasin told us to give him 30minutes  and after those minutes had elapsed, we sent our secretary known as Emma Luyimbazi to get our money but he was nowhere at the venue. On contacting him on phone, he requested that Emma finds him in Bulange and still he wasn’t there. We left Busabala at 5am thinking that he would pay the next day which wasn’t the case,” adds Byantalo.

He further stated that Yasin played hard to get on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and that is when they decided to go to the MP’s home. It was after this that he cooperated with Bobi Wine’s manager who cleared them.



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