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Bryan White ordered soldiers to use cow’s rope to pull out ill-fated boat wreckage – MP Nsereko

City socialite Bryan White joins UPDF marine units to reinforce a rope that snapped as they tried to pull the wreckage of the ill-fated boat from the water at Mutima Country Haven Beach on November 27, 2018. PHOTO BY STEPHEN OTAGE

Kampala Central Division Member of Parliament (MP) Muhammad Nsereko has accused city socialite Bryan White of using rudimentary methods when trying to pull the wreckage of the ill-fated boat that capsized and sank on Saturday killing scores of people.

Nsereko questioned why Bryan White, a civilian was ordering soldiers and UPDF Marine units in the search for the victim’s bodies which are suspected to still be trapped under the boat’s wreckage.

Earlier yesterday, soldiers and locals had attempted to pull out the wreckage out of the water using a rope which failed to work. Nsereko has however blamed this on Bryan White although it is not yet clear if it was the socialite’s idea.
“I would like the line minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs or the Prime Minister to let us know why there was some one issuing orders of people to pull a rope of the wreckage at Mutima Beach. What type of physics is that? A civilian ordering the Special Forces…I do not know what they call him…I think he is called White man or something. He was telling people to pull a wreckage using a rope meant to pull a cow,” the MP said.

Nsereko, who was speaking during yesterday’s Parliament sitting, said that such incidences turn the country into a joke.
“We have well trained engineers. We have better people in this country. We don’t underestimate everyone’s effort in trying to do the rescue but when it gets to that level there must be a chain of command,” he said.

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