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Fik Fameica in trouble over stealing Mafia song

Fik Fameica

Singer Fik Fameica has in the past been attacked for copying songs but despite the backlash, his music career has grown in leaps and bounds. He in fact said that he has no problem with being called a copycat.
“There is copying that leaves the fans complaining and there is copying that gets them dancing and they don’t care where you copied the song from,” Fameica said n a past interview with a local TV station.

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His song Mafia has won him even more new fans but has also brought him in trouble in the form of an intention to sue. The My Property singer could find himself behind bars for stealing Mafia from Chin Bees, a Tanzanian artiste.

Fik Fameica real names Shafik Walukagga is being sued by a one Mr Mussa Ramadhani (Chin Bees) for pirating his Pepeta song which he turned into Mafia.
Through KTA advocates, an artiste known as Chin Bees, says he is the rightful owner of the song that Fik Fameica copied.

‘Our client is the owner/author of the musical work titled Pepeta performed by their artiste Mr Mussa Ramadhani also known as Chin Bees. It has come to our client’s attention that sometime in 2018, you released, performed and widely shared online a song titled Mafia that has the same musical composition/ arrangement as our client’s song Pepeta.’ Reads part of the letter served to Fik Fameica and his manager Karma Ivie management.

The letter further says that the two songs are entirely alike thus the demand for immediate cease and desist from Fik Fameica promoting, using, performing and taking down all publications of the Mafia song from all social media sites, websites and other platforms.

Sqoop gave a listen to Chin Bees’ Pepeta and the similarity in the two song is unmistakable. Pepeta was released in 2017 while Mafia was released in 2018.
You can listen to Pepeta here:

Below is Fameica’s Mafia:

We couldn’t get any word from Fameica and his manager as they refused to pick up our calls.

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