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Bebe Cool helped me get a job at NTV-Douglas Lwanga

Douglas Lwanga

Douglas Lwanga

The public crucified Media personality Douglas Lwanga a few days ago for not choosing a side on which he falls, between Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine.

He’s one person who has remained neutral, a thing that has angered most of his fans he says he cannot choose sides because both artistes are his friends.

However, on why he has not been taken up by Bobi Wine’s people power wave, like most media personalities, we found that that the former The Beat presenter owes Bebe Cool so much in terms of his career.

We have learnt that Bebe Cool artiste helped Douglas Lwanga secure a job at NTV. Douglas said this in an interview he did some time back.


Bebe Cool

“We weren’t good friends back then but he called me and asked why I had left Record TV and what my next move was. I said I don’t know because there were many stations that were calling me. He said you shouldn’t settle for less and then called the big boss at NTV and she called me in. She told me to think of something and come and present it. I came with a concept and she liked it. That is how I joined NTV,” said Douglas.

Despite the fact that he’s no longer working at NTV, the presenter still has his respect for Bebe Cool over that move that changed his life.

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