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Mckenzie did four hours on air without clothes

Bryan Sabiiti Mckenzie

Life off air: Bryan Sabiiti, popularly known as Mckenzie worked on radio for almost 12 years until June this year when he quit life on air. Isaac Ssejjombwe caught up with McKenzie for a quick chat on what he is up to.

1. You quit radio this year. What inspired your decision to leave air?
I worked on radio since I was in Senior Six, I just needed a break to reconnect with my true self and be able to start my own media company. I felt like the experience I had gained from the industry would help me get started on a path where I can have my own contribution to the industry.
Do I miss radio? Yes, mostly the fans really. I had made special pacts with fans and it is hard to keep that going off air because they related to a character I created over the years. I am doing a lot of work, which keeps me busy, so I do not focus much thought on radio.

2. What else are you doing besides silent disco?
I have a company called KELLA PR which does public relations mostly for the entertainment circles. So we have many products running in the city under our care and management.
We also have a music project with the most amazing artiste that will be showcased soon. Silent Disco is really the least of what we are doing as a company.

3. You are synonymous with the tagline, Kellagram, what exactly is it all about?
Kellagram is a combination of two things; KELLA and INSTAGRAM. We had our first Instagram-themed party in 2015 and we tag named it the Kellagram party, so people identified with it and made the brand popular. We decided to take advantage and used it to bridge the gap between DJs, thus The Kellagram Deejays. I can say it is a heavily DJ-driven brand.
My ultimate goal is to see that entertainers are willing to work together. We are a developing country, the only way to build is to work together. The process is to create industry standards with our products and be able to collaborate with as many people as possible.

Mckenzie and his son

4. Talking family, you seem to be so close to your son. How are you able to balance parenthood and all the many jobs?
I give time to what is needed at a given moment. I take care of my son and I am there whenever he needs me, which is the same thing with my job. Obviously I value my son more than anything, but that is why I work hard for him not to lack. True love is expressed through presence, so I make sure I am physically there for him at all times.

5. What would you say was your most outstanding experience on radio?
I was robbed by boda boda chaps at 5am on my way to work in 2007. They took everything and left me in a vest and boxers. I was beaten and became unconscious for close to 10 minutes. It was drizzling… but I still got up and went to work.
I did my show of four hours with no clothes on. It was a Christian station and I had to thank God for a good day, as my intro. My pastor then, said it was the bravest thing he had ever seen. I was very stupid, hehe.

On parenting
My son may have grown up with me, but it does not mean his mother is not in the picture. Maybe because I work in the media, my pictures with him are more out there than hers with him, but it takes nothing away from her involvement. We are not together as a couple but we are together in every sense for our child.Our end goal is to do everything possible to give our son a strong, independent canvas he can create his own life on.

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