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Let’s talk about women’s hair… how men like it

NOT MY HAIR: One of the things that define a woman’s style is their hair. Women spend lots of money on their hair and they expect men to notice them. Men on the other hand, may not know what it takes to have women looking the way they do, but surely there are those that have a preference. There are men who cannot stand their women in weaves, those that prefer women with long hair, braided hair, while others like their woman with short hair. Lawrence Ogwal spoke to five young men on what they find fascinating about a woman’s hair, how they like their women’s hair and what puts them off.

Tweny Benjamin, Freelance photographer
When I meet a girl, the first thing I notice is her looks and hair. I have a weakness for women who have either shaggy hair or dreadlocks – something that cuts between casual and African. There are women who choose to have short hair but I think before one chooses the short hair look, they should know the shape of their heads. Someone with a very small head would not look nice with short hair. Actually, some of the most beautiful girls I know keep short hair.
When I give my girlfriend money to do her hair, I will not dictate to her what hairstyle to choose because I am not the controlling type. I let her do what pleases her, although I always wish she could ask me what hairstyle I prefer so that I can ask her to do dreadlocks or shaggy hair. I mean why would she do something to please other people yet it may not please her guy?
Natural hair vs treated hair?
I am team natural hair all the way. I find African women so pretty. I cannot imagine a black girl with blonde hair. It does not work for me.

Issa Bakara, Filmmaker

Truth be told, before, I could not imagine a grown up woman having short hair and looking good. For me, the picture was that they would look like a man or tomboy, but after seeing several girls, I noticed that they actually look good. I think I like short hair on girls and I really detest wigs. There are women who wear wigs and you could mistake it for their real hair but there are some who wear fake or cheap wigs and end up looking like they are just carrying it on their head.
I also hate women who have crowded/big hair. They end up applying too much oil and yet it sometimes does not smell nice.
Natural hair or treated?
Natural hair because it does not require one to apply too much oil to the hair and this way the hair does not get to smell bad.

Emanzi Ndyamuhaki, Sports journalist
I like a woman with short hair or dreadlocks and I hate weaves. Some women do not realise how good they look with natural hair and less make up. I call weaves plastic hair and I especially hate these so called long Brazilian hair that is commonly served in different colours. However, when my woman is going to the salon, I prefer to keep my mouth shut until she returns. I do not want influence her hair choice.
Natural vs treated hair Natural all the way. I feel like treated hair comes with side effects and it is the reason some women stay away because their heads itch – I think.

Abdul Bbosa, Businessman and songwriter
I pay a lot of attention to women’s hair. For some reason, I find myself looking at random women’s hair and judging them by their hairstyle. I like women who keep short hairstyles, even if it is braids because they can easily rock a cap or sunglasses.
Women with rugged or big hair turn me off. Worse is if one goes ahead to colour it. When my girlfriend is going to the salon, I advise her and emphasize what I think looks good on her because I would not want her to have a bad hairstyle and have other men backbite her because…well, I personally say distasteful things about women with bad hair.
Natural hair vs treated
I prefer natural hair because treated hair comes with applying too much oil. The oil is sometimes too much and shiny and the other bad thing is that it smells; I do not care if the smell is sweet or irritating, it just doesn’t have to blend with the perfume she is wearing.

Elias Bwamabale, Lawyer

I like natural hair because it makes a woman look so sexy, she does not spend so much time working on it yet she will step out looking gorgeous. I hate tinted long hair; it is horrible and makes women look like clowns. I often give my girlfriend money to do her hair but I make sure once in a while I tell her what looks good on her so that she does not return home with long tinted hair.
Natural hair or treated?
I honestly cannot differentiate the two but I think I will go for natural hair to avoid interaction with chemicals.

Bob Atuheirwe, Banker
Dreadlocks or natural hair on any woman’s head does the magic for me. These two hairstyles are neat and bring out a woman’s character or personality.
I hate women with weaves, especially our African women. I think it is the epitome of vanity. Although I have never been in that position, I would definitely give my girlfriend money to do her hair but not influence her style.
Natural vs treated hair
Natural hair is a healthier version, because most hair products have lead and radioactive chemicals.

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