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I like women who challenge me – Senyimba

Christopher Senyimba is a man of many hats. He opens up to Christine Katende about his different fields of work as well as his take on women.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…
Christopher Senyimba is a consultant in labour exportation working with KHM International Consultants, a labour export company. I am an information technology personnel, a psychologist, life skills coach, and a gym instructor and was once an agribusiness consultant where I created and managed information systems for farmers. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science eight years ago. I come from a family of nine, seven boys and three girls and I am the second last born.

Have you ever done any innovations?
Yes, I am part of the team that came up with the management information system for farmers in 2014 to 2015. Currently I am in the stages of developing an information system for our clients that will act as a data bank.

Which kind of woman are you attracted to?
I am attracted to a smart, intelligent, developmental, and understanding woman. I really like a woman who can challenge me. I like someone who is social and natural, it’s one reason why I hate makeup, and it makes women look too artificial.

Are you dating or married?
I believe I am past the dating stage, I should say that I am courting and we will be getting married soon, God willing.

Did you set any relationship goals this year/ how far have you gone?
Yes we did and we have at least achieved 90 per cent of what we set.

What has been your worst relationship experience?
It was a trying one and life threatening six years ago. I remember undergoing rehabilitation. I request we do not go deep into it given the kind of recollections I make along that line. I learnt to love and forgive that it prepared me for the person I am today.

What are some of the things men do that may ruin their marriages or relationships?
Men fail to have their partners as their best friends, men like flattering a lot which is not good, most men like to command not knowing that they have to extend the same rights to their partners. Also, men are so secretive and normally expect a lot yet they give less. Men should always remind their partners of how much they love them and learn to be open. It’s very healthy for a relationship.

Which celebrity do you crush on and why?
Honestly I do not have a female celebrity that I crush on. I just love and respect may be two ladies, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, they have been great wives and key players in the politics of their countries.

How do you handle day-to-day challenges?
Many of our clients come with different expectations which must be honoured. So, with that in mind, I prepare my self psychologically so that I can able to handle any challenge as it sets in. And being a prayerful person, I hold on to my rosary for mother Mary to intercede for me. I also share with my partner because there is a way she gets me better.

How do you keep attractive?
I work out, eat well, take lots of fluids and I smile a lot. I also love being positive minded.

How do you spend your free time?
I love reading, visiting friends, spending time with my family and cooking.

What would be your response if a woman approached you for one off?
I would just remind her that sex is scared and a celebration of love. So, there is no way I can have it with someone I am not in love with.

A very successful woman or low class, who would you settle down with?
Success is built, I would love to build it from scratch, so I go for a low class so that we build it together.

What do you consider when choosing who to help?
I never attach reasons to helping. Everybody needs help no matter their status. I am reminded by the late Pope John Paul’s statement that “No one is too poor to give and no one is too rich to receive. So I don’t attach any conditions because there is a lot of blessings in giving than receiving, so I give and help as much as I can.

Would you marry a woman with children?
I would. You love someone for who they are. Then I would seek to be accepted by both. I can’t love one and leave out the other(s).

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