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Gashumba attacks activists, government for interfering in his ‘fight’ with daughter Sheila

I have been Sheila’s mother for the last 20 years- Frank Gashumba


Frank Gashumba

Frank Gashumba

Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist once said “No need is as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”

This was reinforced by Frederick Douglass, an American social reformer, abolitionist, orator and writer who also said “It is easier to build strong children that to repair broken men.”

Taking time to properly raise children – teach them right from wrong, why right is better than wrong, and how to do right not wrong – is far easier than repairing broken men. Broken men were never taught as children how to be strong because parents found it easier not to teach them then.

As we write this, Frank Gasumba seems to be a broken man amid reports that he beat and locked up his daughter, Sheila Gashumba for breaking his rules.

What happened

A section of the media reported that the NTV Beat presenter, was on Monday rescued by Police from Kabalagala after her father, Gashumba beat her and locked her in her room for almost  a day.

According to crime website Spy Reports, Sheila returned home on Saturday night drunk and in the company of some friends who were also reportedly high.

The drunk friends allegedly started insulting Gashumba for mistreating his own daughter which angered the self-styled city motivational speaker before he beat her.

Sheila is said to have called her mother, Tinah Mukuza  and reportedly told her that she was dying in the house after her dad locked her up and yet she was supposed to go to work.

The mother rushed to Kabalagala Police Station where she reported the case and was given some officers to go and rescue her daughter from her irate father.


However, Gashumba cannot find answers to how and why Sheila, whom he says he has for the last 20 years acted as both her father and mother, could start rebelling him.

“I have been Sheila’s mother. I have been her father. I have been her manager and I have to protect her brand. That girl used to be loyal. She was like an AK47. It doesn’t jam,” Gashumba told Miles Rwamiti last night on Spark TV.

He blamed Sheila’s ‘bad behaviour’ on her mother whom he accused of spoiling her and friends whom he said were jealous of her success and are now trying to bring her down.

“Her mother and those around her are the problem. Her mother failed to do her job and abandoned Sheila with me. Do you know what it means investing everything you have for 20 years and in the end you make losses? The mothers are responsible for making or breaking their daughters,” he added.

According to him, Sheila has never been treated in a government hospital or attended any government school and therefore government or police have no business interfering in his family business.

Reports also indicated that Gashumba had for the last few days been sulking after Sheila told him that she wanted to leave his home to start her own life.

However, Gashumba said last evening said any disciplined daughter ought to leave her father’s home only if she’s mature and going into marriage.

“I see some girls renting at the age of 18. I find that weird and abominable. These are some of the reasons as to why we have so many single mothers these days. Some of the prominent figures we admire now in Uganda were brought up on canes. Do you know that UNRA boss Allen Kagina also asked me to protect her saying she saw a big future in her?” he said before adding that he has comitted their differences to the Bishops for prayers.

“My fight with Sheila happened on Monday and ended there. I’m simply trying to do what’s good for her. I have taken it to bishops for prayers,” he said.

He also bashed human rights activists whom he accused of interfering in his family business.

“I hear human rights activists. You want to run my home like you even know what type of toothpaste or lotion she uses. If we issues in my family, we shall sort them by ourselves. I don’t need rights activists and government to tell me what to do. Some of those so called human rights activists are not parents. Most of them are not even married and don’t even have children,” he said as he wiped sweat from his face.

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