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Slay queens distressed as Instagram goes down

Photo-sharing platform Instagram is back up after suffering a global outage for over an hour.

The California-based giant social media platform was inaccessible earlier today (Wednesday).

Users were instead greeted with empty profiles and a message that the app “cannot refresh feed”. They are also getting the “5xx Server Error.”

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, did not issue a statement to explain the global down time. Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion (about Sh3.8 trillion) in April 2012.

The app, which allows users to alter their pictures dramatically using inbuilt filters, is popular with the so-called slay queens and food and fashion bloggers, among others, where they hunt for likes.

Users rushed to Twitter to air their frustrations.

Jossian said: “So instagram has been down for an hour now ! And I’m already missing the toxic people there. Cot dammit @instagram fix your shit! #Instagram.”

Alex Mather added: “Does this mean Instagram is fixing its algorithms ? I sure hope it goes.”

Trendulkar trolled: “Instagram is down. Fashion Bloggers are standing outside Sarojini Nagar for Likes and Comments.”

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