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MC Kats ‘steals’ Spice Diana’s Yeezys

Kanye West was in Uganda not long ago and stale as that might sound, there are too many things that happened during the time of his visit.

Besides recording a few songs, the rapper donated Yeezys to a couple of people and among those that got their hands on the shoes is musician Spice Diana.

Sadly for Spice, she could not own them for more than a week as MC Kats wanted them much more. While in Hoima at the weekend, Spice Diana came dressed in her Yeezys but midway through her performance, Kats came on stage, went down on one knee and started untying the shoe laces.

The audience thought it was a joke, but no, Kats was on a mission. “You will have to forgive me, but I am also a hustler. Everyone eats where he works and if these sneakers fit me, you will not see them again.

Maybe I might even wear them on Monday during my show.”

In response, Spice Diana said Kats has done a lot for her and leaving the shoes for him is the least she could do. Aheeeem!!

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