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Chozen Blood suing Jeff Kiwa


Chozen Blood was a member of Team No Sleep (TNS) for more than three years but it looks like his resignation a few months ago did not go well with his boss Jeff Kiwa.

By now you must have stumbled upon news of the latter beating up the former at Sky Lounge last weekend.

But what really happened? “After the DJ played my new song titled Lumya, Jeff approached me, pulled me by the shirt and started strangling me. It was the bouncers who intervened and took him away,” Chozen recounts.

He claims he had no idea what Jeff’s reasons for beating him up were, since he left TNS in peace. When we reached Jeff Kiwa for comment on his alleged actions, he ignored our texts and repeated phone calls. Now we hear Chozen will not take this lying down, and will be seeking legal action. Banange aren’t bar brawls like so stone age? Put it in song!

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