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BEBE COOL TROLLS: Salvador begs Kanye West to connect him to Kevin Hart

Comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi

We saw Bebe Cool on Facebook, Saturday night, begging Kanye West for a musical collabo.

The singer must be having sleepless nights wherever he is, that is if he is bothered by trolls, anyway.

It all started with A Pass, and now comedian Patrick Salvador Idringi, the guys wont let Museveni’s grandson have some peace.

Yesterday, Salvador took to his Facebook page to request Kanye West for a connection to international comedian Kevin Hart.

Using Bebe Cool’s post structure, he requested for Kevin Hart’s number and that of his manager.

Full post

Thanking YE, formerly Kanye west and Kim for choosing Uganda to visit and record your new music album.

Am so proud of my country and despite its small size and very very slow development, it has a lot to offer by nature like receptive people power, amazing wildlife, great sights and sounds….. and sometimes tear gas.

At the moment, am in Kampala after doing an amazing comedy show called #AfricaLaughs4 and the main reason for my post is to request you to connect me to Kevin Hart.. I know you know him, okay I think you know him,

As an open minded Comedian, I want to be the first to publicly request for Kevin’s number or even his manager …or anyone in his camp. Help me like the way you might help my friend Bebe Cool… and thank you once again for choosing Uganda the pear of Africa.. Send Kim my regards… tell her I said wsup shawty.

Okay bye

God bless you both

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